HÁZIREND – Thermal Hotel Vesta wellness and adventure bath




  1. The use of the Thermal Hotel Vesta wellness and adventure baths (hereinafter referred to as the facility) is subject to the observance of the TIME TABLE. By purchasing an admission ticket, the Guests of the Spa accept the provisions of the HOTEL SCHEDULE as binding for themselves. A Guest who does not comply with or breaks the rules may be refused service by the staff of the establishment, and may be removed from the establishment if justified.
  2. Opening hours for hotel guests: 09.00 – 21.00. External Guests can use the wellness and pool areas and saunas of the Thermal Hotel Vesta from 11.00-21.00. Any deviation from the opening hours will be posted on the information board at reception.
  3. The price list of the Spa entrance ticket is available at the reception and on the website of the Thermal Hotel Vesta. When purchasing a ticket, guests will be given a coloured wristband confirming their right to use the facilities, which they must keep until leaving the hotel, or wear the wristband as a bracelet on their wrist, in a visible way.
  4. Discounted tickets and passes are issued upon presentation of a discount card, student or pensioner ID card, which must be presented without request.
  5. Passes are valid until the date indicated on the pass. It is not possible to buy them back or extend their validity.
  6. Season tickets and day tickets can be exchanged depending on the capacity of the facility.
  7. The facility is designed to serve the leisure and bathing needs of our guests.
  8. You may use the facilities only at your own risk.
  9. Only the holder of a valid wristband is entitled to enter the premises.The wristband is non-refundable, non-transferable and entitles to one-time entry.
  10. No admission fee for children under 3 years old. Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by a parent to use the pools.
  11. Children under the age of 14 must be under the constant supervision of a parent or adult chaperone and are responsible for their use of the premises, in particular the pools and water slides.
  12. Everyone can use the slides at their own risk!
  13. Children up to the age of 12 may use the children’s pools under the supervision described in point 15).
  14. In the children’s pool, and in all other pools, the use of swimwear for all ages is compulsory, and for non-potty-trained children the use of waterproof “swim diapers” is obligatory! Parents can change their babies in the designated area.
  15. Adults may use the children’s pools for childcare purposes only, up to the age of 6.
  16. Persons who cannot swim are not allowed to use the deep pool. Water depth: 1.65 m – 1.70 m.
  17. Use of the saunas is recommended for healthy guests over the age of 14. They can be used by following the rules posted in the sauna.
  18. The recreational thermal pools 37/1996.(X. 18) NM. Sz. may be used by guests over 14 years of age in accordance with the regulation, subject to the recommended bathing times! Jumping, playing ball and splashing in the thermal pools is forbidden!
  19. The simultaneous loading of the pools is monitored by our staff, and guests may be warned to comply with it. Please respect the time and number of people in the pools, as requested and warned by our staff.
  20. Valuables must be deposited in the safe deposit box at the reception (1.000.-Ft.). The establishment is only liable for objects placed in the safe, up to a value of HUF 150.000.
  21. Everyone may use the changing rooms at their own risk. The operator Magdolna Lakópark Kft. is liable for unattended objects placed there and in other areas, as well as for damages resulting from the loss of objects left on the premises. accepts no liability. We remind our guests not to leave their personal belongings unattended and to take care of their valuables!
  22. Any damage, theft or attempted theft will result in a police report.
  23. Please hand in your found object at the reception! Lost or found items are registered at reception and can be collected there by the person who has proof of ownership.
  24. Persons suffering from fever, infectious or skin diseases, injured, open wounds, intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or intoxicating medication, unclean clothing, unkempt, unkempt persons are not allowed to enter or stay on the premises. Such persons may be denied use of the facility by facility staff.
  25. Compliance with public health and hygiene rules is required on the premises. Shower and foot wash before using the pools is mandatory!
  26. Swimming trunks for men and bikinis or swimsuits for women are compulsory in the pools! Pools are not to be used in street clothes or underwear!
  27. From the age of 7 years, it is forbidden to enter and stay in the changing rooms and showers of the opposite sex!
  28. The management of the facility may temporarily suspend the use of outdoor pools in exceptional weather conditions (lightning, windstorms) for safety reasons.Therefore, no compensation is owed to the Guests!
  29. For technical or other reasons, the closure of water slides or pools from operation is carried out by means of a barrier with a warning tape, a warning sign and a warning pictogram. It is forbidden to enter the areas closed to guests, to use the closed pools and equipment! Guests who disregard the closure and warning signs are liable for any accidents that may occur and for any resulting damage to their reputation or credit.
  30. In the event of a reduction in service for these reasons, the operator reserves the right to decide at its own discretion whether to apply a change in the tariff.
  31. Please take care of the furnishings, equipment and rental items in the facility. Whoever intentionally or negligently causes damage, Magdolna Lakópark Kft. claim compensation for the damage suffered or bring an action for damages against him or her.
  32. In case of an emergency or accident, please contact reception immediately!
  33. Playing ball on the premises is only allowed in the designated area.
  34. It is not allowed to play games or engage in any behaviour on the premises that endangers the physical safety of oneself or others, or disturbs the peace and quiet of Bathers or Guests wishing to relax. The staff of the establishment must ensure the order of the establishment, with the assistance of the authorities if necessary.
  35. Within the facility, use the built access roads and stairs. When travelling, extra care must be taken to avoid injuries (e.g.: slip, trip, fall, etc.).
  36. It is forbidden to enter the areas closed to guests, to use the closed equipment and pools!
  37. Guests are free to use the landscaped, relaxation and sunbathing areas.
  38. Requests and instructions from staff, security guards and other staff of the facility must be followed at all times!
  39. Do not bring any fragile objects into the pools, eat in the pools, use detergents, pollute the water in any way, or use the pools with sand or oily bodies. Before using the pool, you must shower and wash your feet.
  40. No jumping into the pools from the side or running into them!
  41. It is forbidden to consume drugs, litter, set fire, bring vehicles, animals, objects causing accidents, roller skates, skateboards, create alarm, and behave in a manner that is offensive to public order or morals on the premises.
  42. NO SMOKING outside the designated smoking areas in the Spa area! A designated smoking area for our guests is located in the outdoor area of the establishment, in the garden, under cover, clearly marked with a sign.
  43. Please dispose of rubbish and waste in the designated waste bin.
  44. The water taps in the garden contain industrial water and drinking from them is prohibited!
  45. By purchasing an admission ticket, the Guest agrees to the free use of photos and recordings taken in the facility for their own advertising and promotional activities.
  46. By purchasing an entrance ticket, the Guest acknowledges that there is a security camera system in the area of the facility, which is pointed out by the sign posted.

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